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Cherie Burbach is a full time artist and writer. Her art prints, originals, and functional art pieces are available in artsy stores and galleries through the country and here at her site.

She is the author of over fifteen books, which vary from nonfiction to poetry to kid's books.

She's also a part-time game designer. Look for her family card game, Cupcake Commotion.

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  1. Eileen says

    Cherie, what very special gift ideas! I especially like the 365 days in the life of …

    Wherever did you find the time and perseverance to do that? I would probably last a month at most. Guess I could title it “A Month in the Life of Eileen”. lol.

    • Cherie says

      You’re right, it does take a lot of time. That “years worth of letters” book was a toughie, but man, it was so worth it in the end because it was really appreciated.

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